The first one/Introductions

So, here’s the deal (the long deal).

I am Mark. I’m posting right now. Owen is my friend, he’ll be posting later. We have joint custody of this blog.

Regardless of what our avatar picture implies, we are both heterosexual males. It just happened to be the only decent picture of the two of us together. This isn’t overly important, I just didn’t want to mislead anyone.

So, Owen and I are both in college, and are both currently on co-op (which is where you’re still affiliated with your university, but they’ve shipped you off to gain some “real world” experience as a working stiff). I’m doing mine in the same town as my school (Boston, MA). Owen, however, chose a co-op in the wild, frightening world of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He doesn’t really know anyone there.

And I’m feeling pretty cooped up and dreary myself.

So together we created a game.

Each week, we’re going to pick a semi-random location in the other person’s respective town for them to visit. While there, we have to talk to at least one random stranger. Rules will probably develop as the game progresses. Also, we’ll come up with a name for the game. Right now, I’m personally down for “Social Rodeo,” at least as the working title. We’ll see. Anyways, here are some rules I currently have in mind (I didn’t collaborate with Owen on these, and I’m sure he’ll add more)

  1. We must stay in the location for at least 15 minutes, no matter how awkward the situation or interaction.
  2. The person we talk to can not be receiving payment to talk to us (so, talking to a cashier or paying off a homeless man are both out).
  3. We might make rules about inebriation, not yet though.

And I’m sure more will develop as we see how the game works in practice.

I think we’re starting this weekend. Geeze. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am relatively shy/introverted/not outgoing, and Owen is definitely worse than me. So, this will be useful, painful, and might not work at all.

Not to make it sound like too much fun, or anything.


About rexinuber

We're playing social rodeo. It may or may not turn out well/be interesting.
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6 Responses to The first one/Introductions

  1. Jason Wang says:

    LOLOL good luck owen and friend, proud of ya 🙂

  2. John Brown says:

    I advise you guys to pack some heat.

  3. Ethan Murai says:

    Make Owen drop the N-bomb at Jane and Finch.

    • Eman says:

      Owen you have come out with guns ablazing. I think you have dropped the gauntlet down and we all await how Mark will fare. Game On! Good luck to both of you , i think you’ll need it.

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